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Kids' Party Bus

Kids' Party Bus
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Town: Maidstone
County: Kent
Telephone: 01689 858664
Party Bus is a Playbus, a specially converted and modified, highly visual, vintage 1962 single-decker AEC coach that is attractively decorated both inside and out.

It has a large vibrant party and activity area, an assortment of play equipment, music and karaoke, colourful party lights, microwave, tables and chairs, even a toilet and washroom! And if required, a TV and Video.

Party Bus has heating, lighting and cooling fans and is therefore suitable for use all year round.

We can tailor our business to your specific requirements; to celebrate birthdays, christenings, weddings or any other special occasion or event.

Party Bus can park outside your home or nearby; in a car park, outside your child's school - in almost any location of your choice as long as there is sufficient room.

Party Bus covers a large area, from central and South-East London, into North Kent, parts of Surrey, Sussex and Essex, with the Boroughs of Bromley, Bexley and Dartford being its local area. If in doubt, please contact us with the postcode of where you'd like to hold your event.

At least half of our staff has attained a recognised childcare qualification and in addition some staff are qualified in first aid.

Health and safety risk assessments have been carried out and food hygiene rules are strictly adhered to - all of which form part of our Policies and Procedures.


Party Bus caters for children of all ages through to 14 years with a maximum party size of 20 children (dependent on age). Special needs children are welcome. Please discuss the details with us.

We will (unless you ask otherwise) take care of the entire party - from the entertaining and structured play to unique Party Bus invitations, party bags, sit down party tea, a special Party Bus birthday Cake, prizes for all - even the clearing up!

Entertainments will depend on the age or ability of the children.

These may include traditional party games like musical bumps & statues, interactive stories, pillow fights, alphabet games, balloon races, farmers in the den, bowling, pass the parcel, basketball, face painting, disco dancing, drama, fancy dress, karaoke, puppets, treasure hunts, clowns, juggling and circus skills, quizzes, playing on the play equipment, duck duck goose, and a whole host of other exciting activities.

The programme is flexible and children's requests and ideas for games are often incorporated into the party. And we have many more unique and imaginative games and entertainments for ALL ages.

If there is any part of the party you would prefer to take care of yourself or would like to alter, please let us know and we can discuss the details.

Prices vary depending on location, number of children and length of party. Party sizes are either a maximum of 14 or 20 children and parties can be booked for 1½ or 2 hours.

Prices for parties in our Local Area (parts of Bromley, Bexley, Dartford) start from £205 for a Basic Package* to £285 for a Fully-Inclusive Party** (1½ hour parties for up to 14 children).

* Basic Package includes the Party Bus and 2 staff to entertain for the duration of the party, Party Bus invitations and party planner, sweets throughout the party, a prize for every child, pass the parcel and a Balloons & Bubbles finale.

** Fully-Inclusive Party includes the Basic Package (as above) plus Party Tea, Party Bags and the personalised Party Bus birthday cake.

Alternatively you can choose the Basic Package and ask us to arrange any of the additional items included in the Fully Inclusive party, for example the Party Tea, Party Bags and the Birthday Cake. Costs available on request.

For a complete price schedule for our parties for up to 20 children and parties outside of our Local Area (for example Croydon, Bermondsey, Chatham, Tunbridge Wells, London, Surrey, Sussex, Essex) or for any special requirements or queries, please email or contact us.

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