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Mother Nature Education Parties

Mother Nature Education PartiesBig BubbleA Custard ExplosionMother Nature Education Parties
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Contact Name: Alan Sheridan
Telephone: 0845 834 0986
Mother Nature Education believe science should be really fun and Mother Nature Education can run the following with ease:

  • Science Birthday Party
  • Super Agent Science Party
  • Princess Protection Science Party
Every Mother Nature Party is magical, entertaining, engaging and interactive which makes them perfect entertainment for all children aged from 5 years old to 12 years old. They can be arranged outdoors in summer or indoor at your home, or a village hall, church hall, sports club or wherever you may choose to hold a party for your child. After each party children leave not only with great memories but also with a cool fun and educational take-home
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A Birthday – or any other kind of party – with Mother Nature Education can take place just about anywhere, for example, church halls and leisure centres. Alternatively, like 70% of our customers, you can have the party at home as a Mother Nature Education Party is very house friendly and leave no mess. There are no special requirements – you just provide us with the children!

Age and Group Size?
A Mother Nature Education Party is suitable for any group size, usually ranging from 5 up to 35, or even more, and are perfect for children   aged between 5 years and 12 years old. Although the Mother Nature Education Party standard pricing is based on either 20 or 30 children you can have as many as or as little as you like, but you will have to pay a little bit more for additional guests.

What does a typical Mother Nature Education Party do?
In a typical Science Birthday Party there will be interactive science experiments, races, a game or two and some surprises. Our no-mess, hassle-free and most importantly - safe, parties typically last 2 hours, with the option of special add-ons, like rocket launches, making periscopes and kit building. Children will discover objects that float through columns of air, marvel at the mystery of fire, see the power of static electricity and be amazed by giant super-bubbles! We will bring buckets of fun and science to your young guests.

In a typical Super Agent Science Party the emphasis will be on how we can use science skills to solve a crime which will be – who stole the birthday cake! A variety of evidence will be collected and analysed as only young science super agents can until the, most surprising, culprit is revealed.

In a typical Princess Protection Science Party we will use the wonder and magic of science to test things that might, and might not, help our princesses as they carry out their public and private engagements. This will include ways to keep that special hair style in place and stop creases appearing in your favourite dress. Perhaps best of all we will see how science can help to ensure that wicked witches are both spotted early and get their comeuppance.

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