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Party Faces

Party FacesParty FacesParty FacesParty Faces
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Address: 272 Lupton Rd,
District: Lowedges,
Town: Sheffield,
County: South Yorkshire,
Telephone: 01142 373 223
Mobile: 07889 671 195
Party Faces Provides Professional Quality Face Painting.

We use Grimas professional water paints that are non-toxic, non-stinging and non-staining, which can be removed with ordinary soap and water
If any of your family and friends are worried about the paints going in the children's eyes and stinging or causing skin problems, we can assure you that we have painted 100's of children's faces from less than 1 year old to Grannies of 80, we have had no problems or complaints to date. 

We have worked several  large events as well as parties such as the Sheffield and Rotherham Shows, events such as  the Steel City Cruisers Motor Show, Camps for Her Majesty's Services, Forte and Stakis Hotels, the Victoria and Albert Hotel in Manchester. (the latter is a regular Christmas Day booking).

We do face, body painting and Tattoos, we can paint almost any design within reason such as Tigers, Cats, Cartoon Characters, Super Heroes, (Power Rangers & Batman etc), Witches and Vampires, it helps if a special request is accompanied with a picture The normal charge is £1.50. for half-face designs and £2-£5 for a full-face and body part designs.

At parties and fairs we can usually manage about 15 half-faces in an hour, full-faces all take different times depending on the detail required. We are also looking into the possibility of using Latex paint for face painting and especially for body painting. Latex body painting is becoming very popular. It is completely different to the face painting paint as it sets as a rubber skin and is peeled off rather than washed off. As yet we are still trying it on ourselves and will only go ahead when we are sure that it is safe to use.

Contact: info@partyfaces.co.uk

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