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Sparks Movie Making Parties

Sparks Movie Making PartiesSparks Movie Making PartiesSparks Movie Making Parties
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Address: 38 Mill Lane
Town: London
Postcode: NW6 1NR
Country: UK
Contact Name: Donna
Telephone: 02071019329
Mobile: 02071019329
Unique Movie Making Parties for Ages 5-14

“People are still talking about it! It was everything we had hoped for!”

A Sparks Movie Making Party is an action-packed experience, perfect for celebrating children's birthdays and special events.

Each party offers unique and unforgettable fun, captivates your child's imagination and leaves you with lasting memories of your child's special day.

Our team guide your child and friends through the movie making process using fun, practical activities and with lots of emphasis on creativity.

We travel to your home, or to wherever you're having the party, bringing with us all the equipment to help your guests to make a movie to remember.

We lead the children through games, plenty of imaginative activities and of course, lots of movie making as we produce their movie masterpiece.

Throughout the party, everyone gets a taste of the different crew roles, taking turns as directors, camera operators, crew members, as well as starring in their production too. There is plenty to do, and every child is involved in each stage of the process.

At the end of the party, we share the ‘rushes’ in a Cast & Crew preview screening (mums and dads are invited too), with the option for a red carpet premiere sharing complete with awards ceremony and speeches.

After the big day, we edit the footage into a complete movie production ready for you to enjoy at home. You can also opt for DVDs as a souvenir for each child taking part.

“Without doubt, the best party she’s ever had. She’s already talking about the film she’ll make for next year’s birthday!”

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